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Bhutan has been called many mysterious and enchanting names. For a country that remained essentially disconnected from the outside world until the 1960s, that should come as no surprise. Landlocked between the most remote parts of India to the South and Tibet through the Himalayan Mountains in the North, this Buddhist monarchy seems to have evolved completely separate from the rest of the world in many aspects. And that, is a blessing in disguise and a source of many surprising and interesting facts about Bhutan.
Bhutan does seem a bit unreal at times. Hardly anybody in the U.S. knows where it is. I have friends who still think the entire country is a figment of my imagination. When I was getting ready to move there, and I told people I was going to work in Bhutan, they’d inevitably ask, “Where’s Butane?” It is near Africa,” I’d answer, to throw them off the trail. “It’s where all the disposable lighters come from.” They’d nod in understanding.”

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